Shift on track for Hottest Quarter to Date

Shift Networks sales teams are kicking butt and things are looking like this next quarter will shape up to be the best yet.

Keith Bradley, VP Sales Western Region for Shift had this to say about the increase in the numbers, “We attribute the fat funnels and extra growth we are seeing for this next quarter to hiring the right people, talking to the right people and the market just seems to be ready for us now.”

There is also a rumor (unfounded) that the Telus Mobility small medium business sales unit is closing down in Western Canada. If this is in fact true Shift could very easily experience even more explosive growth in Q2.

AlI know is that we have one of the best, if not the best, IP Communications networks in Canada and our sales group seems unstoppable! From where I am sitting, the telcos of old don’t seem to stand a chance of winning this one.

In my spare time

I read up on Ruby, she seems to be gaining momentum. Seems like a great RAD development tool with AJAX at the core. AJAX apps are springing up everywhere, Rails seems to be the framework of choice. We could be in for an era of cool web apps.

AJAX + IP comm, another great wave

I used to think that AJAX was just over hyped Java Script on steroids but I am quickly discovering (IMHO) that AJAX is the conduit leading us to the next gen of web app development.

The world seems to be hooked on wireless but reality says the desktop is still where most of us spend our business day. There is only so much time we can spend on the road, eventually we all have to come back to the keyboard.

Yes, mobility is a good thing but it is going to take a long time before it takes the place of a good Macbook err, laptop. So maybe this AJAX thing actually does have some legs. It would likely be a good idea for us all to pay attention to her, the Rails and our age-old friend PHP and RPC.

Web 2.0? Nah, TCP/IP is still there as it was, it is simply the next chapter but I have to be honest, it feels like something is about to blast wide open. There are some who have their fingers on the wrist of what seems to be a growing heartbeat, the next 2 years will be a blast.

Intelligent Hosted Conferencing

Recently a fellow blogger pointed me to this website, which is a great resource for etiquette and preparedness in teleconferencing.

I have yet to experience a good hosted conference service that is intuitive and also powerful. Most of the money in this industry is still being spent on traditional reservationless audio conference calls. The age-old dial a number, input your PIN and wait for the moderator. Whoop-pee.

Apps like Foonz and Jajah are cute and I suppose some would use this for their conference calls but for those of us who take part in at least 1-2 organized conference calls (with 5 or more participants) per day it is unlikely these services would offer enough oomph to satisfy the moderator/host or the participants.

Making the service grandma-friendly is a great idea but let us not forget what makes up the majority of people using these hosted services. IMHO Professionals, consultants, SOHO, SMB and Enterprise business people need more than just basic functionality in order to increase efficiency and make the best use of their time on the call. I have yet to see a compelling, powerful, easy to use and affordable hosted audio conference call service to date.

If you think you know of something that would fit the bill, PLEASE let’s hear about it.

Shift’s New SIP Network

Well, we did it. We built a nationwide SIP network in less than 6 months. No small feat. My friends over at Internet Telephony magazine picked up the story here is an excerpt:

“As the CTO for Shift Networks, Erik Lagerway is responsible for identifying, sourcing, and delivering next-gen SMB communications applications and essentially runs the Shift R&D department. He explained how Shift is providing a new service called Shift Continuity as part of its new offering. Shift Continuity will allow the user to enjoy voice service of high reliability. The user can now sleep well at night, knowing that if the connection fails tomorrow for their voice service, they will still have dial tone on their phone.”

Read the entire article:

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