Om wrote a story about the potential demise of Pulvermedia (creator of VON), taking lead from Andy and Marc Robins.

I remember having a conversation with Andy months ago and even though he did not come right out and say it then, it's clear now what he might have been eluding to.

I have fond memories of the early days of VON. Xten (now Counterpath) got a head start via the Free World Dialup community and Jeff was always there doing what he could to help out my tiny little startup.

Over the years the show grew at a colossal rate and small companies like mine were soon dwarfed by the monsters of VON. I understand why, it's just too bad it happened that way.

Andy swears that eComm is different but I am not at all convinced.

The format of these shows could use an overhaul. Where is the "Real Tools You Can Use Today for Building a Real Business" conference? Everyday business owners need something more interesting and useful that appeals to them in order to get something out of it that actually matters.

On a different note, there were a couple of posts around this alleged Pulvermedia exodus referring to the over-hyped VoIP industry and how there is no money to be made. Some of it is certainly true, too much marketing not enough substance. For others it's exactly the opposite. Lypp for instance is doing quit well.

Almost anyone who makes a call overseas these days is certain to be using VoIP in one fashion or another. We can thank Jeff Pulver and VON for making VoIP something that people wanted to be involved in. Jeff and his hard working crew, lead by Carl Ford, have done a great job bringing VoIP to the center stage over the years! Carl, if you are reading this, go do something great!

VoIP is telephony. Telephony is an extension of the most natural means of human communication, the human voice. Which is why you will not stop hearing about advancements and/or newly developed voice offerings for some time to come. Besides, we can't stop until I get my !@#$% Star Trek communicator 🙂

by Erik 

37 Signals, WebEx, Microsoft Outlook, International Conference Calls

Wow, it's been a crazy month. My 2.7 yr old son – Ky, has been in and out of the Children's Hospital with some virus that hit him in a bad way. Poor guy, it was hard for him but he handled it like a real trooper. While this was happening, business at Lypp was pushing forward at a serious pace, it was a difficult month. It looks like he is on the mend now so everyone is feeling a little less stressed.

At Lypp we did a little deal with WebEx in order to deliver a co-branded version of their service to round out our Conferencing offer. We soft-launched that yesterday. Anyone that signed up for Lypp Conferencing now gets access to Lypp Web Conferencing, which is essentially WebEx. Interestingly enough, we are able to charge much less than WebEx themselves, at 22 cents per minute it's a real bargain.

Right around the corner we have the Highrise + Lypp Mashup contest. Which we have a had a great response on. The doors open for that on April 15. We ended up pushing it back a couple of weeks in order to get the latest and greatest into the API before handing it over to developers.

In connection with the API, a MS Outlook developer has built a fully integrated Lypp Outlook plugin. For those who use Teleconferencing and live in Outlook it could be a real godsend. More on that later.

And finally, we are about to launch the beta of International Dial-out for the Lypp Conferencing service. Lypp Conferencing users will be able to conference-in attendees from all over the globe. This means that international attendees will not have to pay toll to dial-in, the host could have the system call them when adding them to an existing call or when creating a new conference call.

Unlimited Mobile Calling for Canadians

Rogers, Fido, Telus, and Bell not giving you Unlimited Mobile Calling in North America? 

Get Lypp's Mobile Unlimited and start saving!

We decided that Americans shouldn't be the only people who get to enjoy unlimited mobile calling in North America so we created a package ourselves.

The offer is simple, call any phone number(s) in North America, as much as you like, for a flat fee of $59/month.

If you live in Canada and call outside of your area you could easily save hundreds on your cellular bill every month.

Much like the previous Lypp Mobile offer, you will need a smart phone like a Blackberry, Windows Mobile device, Treo (etc.), or anything that supports Instant Messaging.

Want more info? You are going to have to wait until the new site goes live, just a few short weeks from now. Until then you could start saving by signing up today.

iPhone SDK, VoIP APIs et al

Andy contemplates a potential surge of VoIP apps likely to be written for the iPhone due to the latest announcements from Apple and KP.

I happen to agree with Andy on just about everything in that post, but I do have some comments that potentially relate more to the Canadian market.

It's true that mobile costs are going down for users in the US but the opposite is true for mobile users in Canada. Here, the mobile carriers are not facing the same level of competition as the carriers in the US. Local overages and long distance usage is still at a premium and not one carrier offers an unlimited North American-wide calling plan, at least that I am aware of or has been published. Also, the iPhone is not being offered in Canada at all, so one would have to hack it to get it to work, which means a loss in some functionality along with the other side-effects.

This actually presents a larger opportunity then some may realize for middleware VoIP service providers / developers and not just for iPhone but for any Smartphone. In the next post, I will explain myself a little better and go into some detail about what some companies like Lypp are doing about it.

Tru Zone Eliminates Roaming Charges

Accoring some news I was sent by Andy, customers will be able to call countries in its “Tru Zone” at the fabulously low rates of just USD0.06 per minute to landlines and USD0.30 per minute to mobiles from almost anywhere on the planet.  More importantly, a Truphone-to-Truphone mobile call is always free, no matter where in the world the two parties may be travelling.


Sounds great, now if I could only use it on my Blackberry!


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