The Rise of Free Telephony

Free telephony services are popping out of the woodwork. I believe you will see some serious changes in the way the incumbent providers roll out new services due to the influx of free IP voice communications.

Already we see the proof in this by the recent actions of some of the largest voice providers on the planet.

I think this trend will continue and grow, putting even more pressure on the telcos to follow suite. They will most certainly continue lobbying the regulators trying to convince them to impose restrictions but alas, this is free service we are talking about here. What will they regulate next, our freedom of speech?

Keep an eye on providers like and, they will shape the industry for years to come.


The VOIP Revolution

The VOIP Revolution

By Cynthia L. Webb Staff Writer
Monday, December 1, 2003; 9:52 AM

It’s showdown time once again at the Federal Communications Commission, and the stakes could be significant for consumers and big businesses, as major telecom providers and upstart technology firms square off over whether Internet phone calls should be regulated in the same way as traditional phone services.

Today the FCC will host a forum on Voice over Internet Protocol service — VOIP for short.

The Wall Street Journal set the stage for the forum in a Friday article, reporting that VOIP “could radically transform the $300 billion telecommunications industry and is renewing doubts about whether the Internet should remain regulation-free. Sending phone calls over the Internet … is one of many technologies moving more quickly than regulators can react. … In some such calls, traditional phone lines are effectively cut out of the process. That strikes fear among Bell phone companies such as BellSouth Corp. and SBC Communications Inc., which charge fees when traditional phone companies such as long-distance providers use their lines to complete calls (long-distance companies usually don’t own the lines that go into customers’ homes or offices). The Bells must provide service to everyone, and remain heavily regulated in areas from pricing to emergency 911 services.”

Xten Deliverables

Well, the end of the month is growing nearer and the X-Men [Xten Team Members] are hard at work getting several customer projects ready for production release.

Sleep is hard to come by but everyone is well fed and the drink is plentiful. Spirits are high as I think everyone is looking forward to some well deserved time off during X-Mas, or maybe we are just inebriated =)

Intermittent foosball games create a distraction and break up the relative silence.

Mark is off to the NYSAA [New York Security Analysts Association] presentation on Monday where he will be doing a mini road show and a meet and greet with some very interested investors.

Our customers are happy, our competitors are not, our partners are jumping and our investors are salivating 🙂 Life is good at Xten.


Net2Phone nabs VoCable Customer

Cebridge Connections to Use Net2Phone for VoCable

Net2Phone has signed a MOU with Cebridge Connections to
provide the cable operator with PacketCable based
VoCable services. The service, scheduled to be introduced
in the first quarter of next year, will initially be
offered to the provider’s cable modem customers in Texas
and Missouri.

Cebridge will maintain the service brand name and handle
Tier 1 customer and tech support. Net2Phone will support
the back office infrastructure, switching and transport,
and Tier 2 and above tech support.

Cebridge provides cable and cable modem services in rural
areas within the U.S.

Cebridge Connections


Secure VoIP & SIP

The next big question for SIP is security. How will we ensure ourselves that the call is not being overheard.

Professionals from every corner are working on a Secure method for using SIP in VoIP. That much is evident by the action on the IETF SIP threads and SIP Authentication, SCTP and TLS methods already in use.

Other methods have also been implemented from several vendors which provide a more comprehensive and imediate fix for Secure SIP Voice conversations and conferencing.

Xten has developed and recently released X-Cipher which is a SIP softphone that has some very unique encryption capabilities. This SIP endpoint can readily be turned into a highly secure IP soft phone at the click of a button. X-Cipher requires a server component that also must be deployed. Here is a snapshot of the offering:

X-Cipher Solution:
– MD5 or SHA1 challenges
– 3DES or AES 128, 192 or 256 bit encryption
– Crypto safe random generators
– X-Cipher to X-Cipher complete encryption
– X-Tunnels NAT traversal functionality

For more on Secure VoIP, check out X-Cipher on Xten’s website.

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