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TNITS – The Non-Incumbent Telephony System

VoIP is great. With the advent of SIP we can look forward to some excellent technology and services coming our way. Various broadband telephony initiatives have spurred on some serious debate in the regulation of

Working for the Weekend

Yeah, right. Xten is a busy little company. Most if not all of the Xten engineers are in 7 days a week working their asses off so we can make phone calls using our PCs,

Canadian Telcos Attempt to Corral New Competition. What else is new!

Canada’s largest telco Bell Canada is requesting that the CRTC [Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission] immediately commence a public hearing into the appropriate regulatory framework to govern the offering of services by the next generation

Wireless VoIP

Although this niche in the VoIP sector is not generating a great deal of revenue for anyone at the moment, Wi-Fi VoIP has captured the attention of the PDA hardware vendors and we can expect

VoIP is nearing Prime Time

AT&T, Time Warner, Comcast, and recently Qwest have announced their strategies for deploying VoIP in the home. This is good news for the consumer and creates more competition in the market which in turn equates

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