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SIP Standards

WebRTC + SIP over WebSockets arrives at SignalWire

I haven’t blogged here in some time, so I figured that since the topic is relevant this would be a good opportunity to dust off the old blog (webrtc.is / sipthat.com) and post something we


WebRTC in 2017

The road to the promised land. For more than 6 years, we have been working on and looking forward to a simpler way to build RTC (Real Time Communications) applications on the web. In order for

WebRTC | RTCweb

WebRTC Ships in MacOS and iOS 11

Update: Looks like VP8 is not there after all, bummer. More political jostling afoot, which sucks for the development community. — This is a big deal, to have Apple / Safari onboard is really the


PulverHWC – How We Communicate

Next week I will be joining friends old and new at PulverHWC to rediscover – How We Communicate. Here is an email from Jeff Pulver inviting all of you to join us in Los Gatos for

Object RTC

W3C ORTC CG – Editors Draft Update – May 4

http://ortc.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/ortc.html#change-log* B.1 Changes since 01 March 2016 Added the gather() method, as noted in: Issue 165 Removed “public” from RTCIceGatherPolicy, as noted in: Issue 224 Removed the minQuality attribute, as noted in: Issue 351 Made

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