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Eric Rescorla was kind enough to publish an agenda for the RTCWEB-related Working Group meetings…

RTCWEB I: Tuesday 0900-1130
0900 – 0905  Administrivia
0905 – 1100  Video Codec MTI discussion
  – draft-alvestrand-rtcweb-vp8-00 (30 mins)
  – draft-burman-rtcweb-h264-proposal-00+draft-dbenham-webrtcvideomti-00+draft-marjou-rtcweb-video-codec-00 (30 mins)
  – General discussion 30 min)
  – Call the question of which mandatory to implement video codec to select (5 min)
  – Next steps (20 min)
 1100 – 1115  draft-ietf-rtcweb-use-cases-and-requirements (LC comments)
 1115 – 1130  draft-ietf-draft-ietf-rtcweb-overview (LC comments)
MMUSIC I: Tuesday 1520-1830
1520 – 1525  Administrivia
1525 – 1605  Trickle ICE (Ivov)
– Under what conditions can you do full trickle (discovery)
– When can checking stop? [UPDATE vs. in-band vs…?]
– SDP/SIP encoding for additional trickle candidates
1605 – 1650  – Bundle
 – draft-ejzak-mmusic-bundle-alternatives (15 min)
 – draft-ietf-mmusic-sdp-bundle-negotiation (15 min)
 – discussion/consensus calls (15 min)
1650 – 1700  [Break]
1700 – 1800  SDP attribute analysis for multiplexing
 – draft-nandakumar-mmusic-sdp-mux-attributes
1800 – 1830  [Other MMUSIC business]
RTCWEB II: Thursday 0900-1130
0900 – 0905  Administrivia
0905 – 1025  Data Channel negotiation
 – draft-jesup-rtcweb-data-protocol (15 min)
 – draft-thomson-rtcweb-data (15 min)
 – draft-marcon-rtcweb-data-channel-management (15 min)
 – Discussion (30 min)
 – Consensus call (5 min)
1025 – 1100 JSEP Update (Uberti)
 – draft-ietf-rtcweb-jsep
1100 – 1115  RTCP-XR (Westerlund)
1115 – 1130  RTP Concepts and relation
– daft-burman-rtcweb-mmusic-media-structure
MMUSIC II: Friday 0900-1100
0900 – 0905  Administrivia
0905 – 0925  Requirements (draft-jennings-mmusic-media-req)
0925 – 1015  PC-track to m-line mapping (draft-jennings-rtcweb-plan)
1015 – 1100  MSID changes to match multiplexing (draft-jennings-rtcweb-plan)
Will we see some progress on MTI Video Codecs for RTCWEB at this next IETF meeting? We can always hope. The chances of this actually happening are not in our favor, many have tried before and failed. Does it matter? It might be good if we as developers, knew which codecs we could rely on in WebRTC endpoints. There is also plenty of work around SDP, dataChannel and trickle ICE underway that needs discussion as well. We plan on participating remotely.

The next post from Robin Raymond will be a doozy! At Hookflash, we are no fans of SDP. From where we are sitting, SDP really has little place being in WebRTC at all. Robin’s post later in the week will explain our reasoning. Subscribe to the feed to be notified when that and other posts are published.

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