Connect SIP and VoIP to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams VOICE

Saving IT administrators countless hours in configuration.

Rapid Onboarding

We have spent a great deal of time creating an onboarding process that is fast and painless. All you need is your Teams administrator credentials. We aim to have your service up and running in 45 minutes.

Fanatical Support

We are with you for the entire journey and back again. From purchase, setup, deployment and production support. Our entire mission is to ensure our services are up and our customers are happy.

Free Trial

No commitment FREE trial. Sign-up, we will help you with configuration and answer any questions you might have in a dedicated Teams channel. We are always there for our customers.

Tested with

SignalWire Twilio Bandwidth Inteliquent Voxbone Cisco 3CX FusionPBX

We have tested our solution with some of the most well known names in the industry to bring you the best possible experience when connecting Teams to your existing providers and endpoints.

Direct routing done right

A better CX, what it's all about.

Erik Lagerway - Founder

A new perspective on Direct Routing for Teams


Free Trial

Sign up for free, no credit card no commitments. If you are not satisfied you can walk away.

Unlimited Users Free

Add as many tenants and users as you like. There is no limitation to the number of Teams, Tenants or Users you have in your company.


Regardless of where you are in the process, we are happy to support you, on our dime.

SIP Trunks Optional

Receive 500 minutes of free calling in US and Canada on initial signup.

Local and Toll Free Optional

We provide coverage across Canada and the US plus Toll Free.

PBX Forking Free

Connect your Teams account with your offsite VoIP assets.

Security Free

With Snapsonic, security is always front of mind. Your connections to Teams are always secured with TLS and SRTP.

Failover Free

If your Teams telephony lets you down, for whatever reason, we will failover to your designated phone number.

AI Integration Optional

We have plenty of options for AI in your voice call flow. Add an AI receptionist or voice bot to your existing stack.